Policies and Advocacy

  • Hokie Handbook – A guide covering the Code of Conduct, University Policies for Student Life, and other policies and procedures that students are required to know and abide.
  • Threat Assessment – The mission of the Threat Assessment Team is to determine if an individual poses, or may reasonably pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the Virginia Tech community and to intervene to avert the threat and maintain the safety of the situation.
  • Report Harassment and/or Discrimination – Determine the most appropriate avenue for addressing concerns or complaints.
  • Safe Zone – This program provides a more accepting environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning students and their allies at Virginia Tech.
  • Diversity at Virginia Tech – The Office for Diversity and Inclusion envisions a university committed to building a community of excellence through the affirmation of difference.
  • Intercultural Engagement Center – Promotes the academic, personal, and social success of all students, particularly those from under-represented and historically marginalized populations.
  • Principles of Community – Virginia Tech has adopted and practices a set of principles that are fundamental to the university’s on-going efforts to increase access and inclusion, and to create a community that nurtures learning and growth, for all of its members.

Campus Resources

  • University Scholarships and Financial Aid – Provides information on the wide assortment of financial aid and assistance programs that can be applied toward college expenses.
  • Hokie Passport ID Card – The Hokie Passport is the official identification card for Virginia Tech students, staff, and faculty. Hokie Passports are also used to access dining plans and other various accounts.
  • Housing & Residence Life – Provides inclusive communities that engage students in exceptional living and learning experiences within safe, clean, and well-maintained environments that foster a sense of belonging.
  • Dining Services – Dining Services manages the dining centers on campus and has built a reputation for an outstanding dining experience including service, food, and special events.
  • Computer Requirement – Virginia Tech students are required to own a personal computer. The university annually establishes baseline specifications for each new entering class.
  • Cook Counseling Center – Provides individual counseling and group counseling for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech
  • Schiffert Health Center – Provides quality health care and health education in support of the university's mission to educate the whole person.
  • Division of Student Affairs – Facilitators of the holistic development of the Virginia Tech student experience, from orientation to graduation day. Houses 21 departments including Schiffert Health Center, Rec Sports, Dining Services, and more.
  • Off Campus Housing – Information on off-campus housing options for students including listings, resources, and message boards.
  • Hokie Wellness – Provides leadership in the development and evaluation of health education programs on the Virginia Tech campus and in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As parents of students at Virginia Tech, we understand that you will have questions about the options and services available to your student. 

  • Parents and Families – The hub for parents and families of Virginia Tech students provides information about events, dates, and activities for parents, family, and students.
  • Hokie Family E-Newsletter – A monthly electronic newsletter that keeps parents and families better informed of campus activities, events, and deadlines that affect the lives of Virginia Tech students.
  • Virginia Tech Parent Email – If you have any questions or concerns and don’t know whom to ask, start by emailing us at families@vt.edu.
  • Hokie SPA Guest Access – The guest account feature on Hokie SPA allows a student to release their financial aid information, such as the award letter, requirements to receive aid, financial aid holds, academic progress, cost of attendance, and/or loan history, to selected individuals.
  • Hokie Parent Reading List (PDF) – A collection of books written for parents of college-bound students.
  • Orientation Leader Discussion List (PDF) – A list of topics that Orientation Leaders discuss with new students during Orientation.
  • Services for Students with Disabilities – If your student has a disability and requires any assistance while at Virginia Tech, call 540-231-0858.
  • Risk Management – The Insurance & Risk Management Office handles all insurance matters, including claims, for the University. In addition, the office provides risk analysis for various University activities and management of the Student Medical Insurance program.
  • Student Success Center – The Student Success Center offers free academic support, such as tutoring and study skills seminars to undergraduate students at Virginia Tech.
  • Mail Services – Information can be found through Mail Services if you want to send your student letters or packages.
  • Global Education – Is your student interested in studying abroad? Education Abroad challenges students to engage with the world by providing study abroad opportunities that are academically, culturally, and personally enriching. Offers programs that meet the needs and budget of every Virginia Tech student with more than 200 options in more than 60 countries around the world.
  • Fall Family Weekend – Families of students are invited to visit campus and enjoy university-centric events during the fall semester. Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to join in with their families.
  • Cook Counseling Center – If your student is having trouble in school or feels like they may need counseling services, they can contact Cook Counseling Center. Services at Cook Counseling Center are free to fulltime students who have paid their student health fee.
  • Hokie Passport Services: The Hokie Passport ID card is the official identification card for Virginia Tech.  It also contains all of the monetary accounts for students. Navigate to Hokie Passport Services to add money to your student’s Hokie Passport accounts.

Common Concerns for Parents

Explore the scenarios below for the answer to your more specific questions and concerns.

  • How will I know about weather-related school closing?
  • Is there a Virginia Tech handbook that details what my student can and cannot take to campus?
  • My student needs to buy a computer when they get to school, where should they go/call?
  • Do you have counselors there for my student to speak to regarding problems?
  • What is the balance of my student’s account?
  • I have a balance on my student’s account and need to find out what I owe.
  • My student is thinking about going to Virginia Tech and we want to visit campus and take a tour, who do I call?
  • My student was interested in joining an organization, who should they contact?
  • My student is injured an unable to operate a vehicle, are there other means of transportation available for them?
  • My student is having on campus roommate problems, who should he contact?
    • Your student should talk to the resident advisor on their floor first. If the problem persists, call Housing and Residence Life at: 540-231-6205 or the Dean of Students office at: 540-231-3787

Family and Alumni Relations

341 Squires Student Center (0510)
290 College Ave
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-5111