Software Requirements for all Incoming Undergraduate Students

Beginning in 2009, all incoming undergraduate students are required to purchase an Incoming Undergraduate Software Bundle. This Microsoft Campus Agreement bundle can only be obtained through Virginia Tech student software distribution due to licensing differences from other sources. The requirement ensures that all undergraduate students have access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Windows operating systems.

The bundle consists of Microsoft Office (for Windows and Macintosh), Microsoft operating systems (including Windows 7 and Vista), and client access licenses for connecting to the university’s Microsoft Servers. The bundle also provides you with upgrades for this software as long as you remain an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. Therefore, do not purchase Microsoft Office until you come to New Student Orientation.

Additionally, there is no need to purchase the Ultimate version of Windows 7 when you configure your machine. Purchasing Windows 7 Home Premium will save you money and can be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate once you are on campus.

Specific distribution pricing and details will be posted on the student software website, along with frequently asked questions. For more information you may also contact Student Software Sales at or call 540-231-3969.

Major Software Requirements

Specific majors have additional software requirements. These include those majoring in architecture (including interior design and industrial design), building construction, all Pamplin College of Business students, all those enrolled in general engineering, materials science and engineering, and landscape architecture. Questions regarding software requirements in these disciplines should be directed to your college or department.

University Computer Requirement

The university computer requirement requires that every incoming undergraduate student own a personal computer with certain specifications.