Sending and Viewing Transfer Credits

Send all transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions as soon as final grades are posted to ensure evaluation of transfer credit for New Student Orientation. Virginia Tech thoroughly reviews courses to award the most appropriate transfer credit, which may delay your courses/exams and exams being posted to Hokie SPA prior to orientation. Only courses with grades of “C” or higher are reviewed for transfer credit. Neither GPA nor grades will transfer.

Check your Hokie SPA transfer information (select “Grades Menu,” then “Transfer and Additional Credit”) to see transcripts, AP, IP, and other scores received by the University Registrar. If your transcript has been received, it will be shown on Hokie SPA. If you do not see it by July 1, contact If your transcript has been received, but not evaluated, it will show on Hokie SPA, but no courses will be displayed. Continue to check Hokie SPA to make sure your transfer credit shows up. If your courses are not evaluated by the beginning of August, email and include your ID number in the email.

Virginia Community College System students earning an associate degree must submit a transcript displaying that degree. Some schools do not post this degree until June. Verify with your community college that the transcript sent to Virginia Tech displayed the degree. If not, request another transcript be sent with the degree noted to Undergraduate Admissions.

International Student Transfer Credits

As outlined on the admissions website, international checklist item nine, all international students should have previously submitted all of the following items to Undergraduate Admissions.

  • Official copy of high school record or transcripts. If documentation is not in English, a certified English translation is required.
  • Official copy of college or university transcripts. If documentation is not in English, a certified English translation is required.
  • A syllabus of each course of subject studied (including textbook used and author) must be submitted. Applications without this information cannot be considered. Graduates of thirteen-year systems must submit syllabi for their final year of study.
  • Evaluation of international transcripts by a professional credential evaluation service. This is a requirement of the University Registrar. Having this done will aid the Admissions Committee and the University Registrar. A list of the recommended agencies can be found in the application instructions.

If you have not previously submitted your transcripts for evaluation by a professional, international credential evaluation service, you may not be awarded any transfer credit. Similarly, if you have not submitted course syllabi, you may not be awarded transfer credit, or you may only be awarded limited elective credit. Please have your transcript evaluated and sent to:

Office of the University Registrar
Student Services Building, Suite 250
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24060

For additional information on transfer credit, AP, IB, CLEP, and more, go visit the University Registrar.